System of preventive maintenance of the equipment

hanks to the elaborated System of Preventive Maintenance we manage to spare many customer’s means, which have to spend at the emergency situations, subsequent facilities repairs and damages resulting from the failure of the operation shutdown (production).

Early detection of the defect and its quick fixation is the foundation of the economy measures. Thanks to experiencies in this field and advanced technologies, especially in the vibrodiagnostics and thermography, we prove given error, its origin and a cause, to register in time, very quickly and highly sophisticately. On the basis of the results of the inspection (device controls), then to recommend subsequently the next steps for the fastest and the cheapest elimination of this defect.

Evidence customer’s gear equipments, includingthe status monitoring with the recomendation of the corections order and revision of the individual devices is an integral part of the System Preventive Maintenance. The output for the customer is a simple and very clear list of all controlled drives (gearboxes) with the graphical demonstration and a brief description of their condition.