Irregular tours – upon customer request at a suspected disorder by evaluating state (Technical Report) and recommendations

Service interventions – after consultation with the customer, we provide a complete service, ranging from dismantling equipment after repair, the subsequent reinstallation of the repaired device to the position.

One option is to repair the equipment at the installation site, or provide transportation to the factory and then back.

When making the request at the earliest possible launch possibly damaged zhavarovaného equipment, we are able to provide temporary repair on-site assembly so as to be able to run it as soon as possible. When repairing equipment, our technicians carry out the mapping and documentation of damaged parts, then those in the shortest possible time and made in cooperation with the customer plan the final and full repair.

In the case of service contracts, we are dealing with servicing very flexibly because of equipment that must be repaired, we have complete records and survey.