GEAR SERVICE s.r.o. carries on the reconstructions, general or basic repair (depending on the desired range) of the industrial gearboxes of all types and sizes. The supplies of the spare parts is possible, acording to the cusomer’s needs. The standard warranty is provided for refurbished gearboxes. We naturally ensure warranty and after-warranty service too.

The participation of our supervisors and technicians at introduction of the gearboxes or drives into the operation is standard.

Standard procedure at repairs and reconstructions of the industrial gearboxes.

  • disassembly of the gearbox and developing of the inspection finding
  • sending of the repair extent (checklist) with a price offer for the customer
  • measuring, distortion and production of all parts needed for refurbishment (repair)
  • assembly and testing of the gearbox on the operating revolutions
  • shipping and assembly of the gearbox at the customer’s