In the case of the claim for already existing gearbox, or the whole conceptually obsolete drive (combination of the gearbox and other kinds of the power transmission – belt, chain), we are able to use modern design methods and innovative approach, to design and ensure a delivery of a new solution – the gearbox. Our specialization is design of the new gearboxes of higher power parameters preserving the original build and connected dimensions.

Standard procedure for design and construction of the new gearboxes.

  • technical consultation with the customer
  • drafting of the gearbox draft
  • dimensional and strength calculations according to DIN, AGMA
  • calculation and analysis of individual components (case, shaft, clutch), using the finite element method (FEA, FEM)
  • creation of the final production documentation
  • elaboration of technical operating conditions for gearboxes

In the production program GEAR SERVICE Ltd. These are the main types of gear:

  • spur gear
  • gearboxes and bevel gear
  • bevel gear
  • worm gear
  • combined gearboxes
  • Other special gear